Extra-Intravert On A Mission To Make
(Remote) Work More Human And Connected Through Play

Hi, I'm Vera.

Hey there! I'm an information geek, historian, (board) gamer, and community builder based in the beautiful city of Antwerp.

My life has always revolved around online communities, gaming, and a deep curiosity for learning. As the activator, the joker, and the organizer in any community I'm part of, I'm driven by a passion for connecting people and exploring new ideas across various fields.

My mission in life is twofold: to make (remote) work more human and to foster stronger, more meaningful connections through play.As an extra-introvert with over 20 years of experience living on the internet, I understand the challenges of remote work and building online relationships. I know how crucial it is to create authentic human connections, even in virtual environments.

That's why I've embarked on a journey to bring more humanity and playfulness into workplaces and communities. With my expertise in history and gaming, I offer a unique perspective and approach that blends the old with the new.

My recent projects involve helping organizations understand the value of "Culture as a Product" and "Play as a Product" to create thriving work environments.

Whether you're looking to inject more fun and creativity into your remote team, build a vibrant, engaging community, or embark on an exciting new project, I've got the skills and knowledge to help you succeed.

Don't wait to bring more humanity and playfulness to your (remote) workplace or community. Contact me today, and let's start exploring the possibilities together!

My Services

"In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving work landscape, we tend to get so absorbed in our tasks and responsibilities that we forget one crucial thing: to be human."

Today's fast-paced work landscape often makes us forget to be human. Investing in culture and play is crucial for nurturing human-centric, connected, and engaging workplaces that drive success.

  • Culture as a Product: I collaborate with organizations to assess, create, and maintain a healthy, thriving company culture that prioritizes people and their well-being. Through personalized culture-building strategies and ongoing support, I help businesses establish a strong foundation for growth and success.
  • Play as a Product: I develop and integrate custom play and game-based activities into work environments, boosting team collaboration, creativity, and engagement. By curating a tailored catalog of games and playful activities, I help organizations transform their daily work routines into opportunities for team-building and personal growth.

Investing in culture and play as a product is essential for any organization looking to stay competitive, attract top talent, and foster a sense of community and belonging. Let me help you build a more human, connected, and playful workplace that drives success for both your team and your organization.


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