About me

I'm an InformationĀ Geek

As an enthusiastic, passionate, and endlessly curious individual, I have developed a wide range of interests across various fields. What binds it all together is my insatiable thirst for knowledge and information, that has lead me to explore new horizons.

My diverse background is a testament to my love for information and learning. I started my career as a volunteer games journalist, working for different websites and producing in-depth articles on history and games.

As a natural extension of my writing, I also branched out into marketing, PR, community management, and project management for several indie game-related projects.

While my love for technology led me towards support engineering and Linux engineering, I came to realize that my true strength lies in working with people.

My previous experiences as a gamer, guild master, game journalist, and producer have also given me an innate ability to connect with people online, a super power in todays remote world.

In 2022, Gameye reached out to me for a position to keep their team together, happy, and healthy, which led me into the world of remote work.

As the Remote Work Champion at Unlock, I led the internal and external advocacy of remote work, conducted in-depth research on both product and marketing, and provided valuable insights and recommendations to the team, which helped me excel in my role at Unlock.

I am excited to take the next steps in my career and embark on new adventures that will allow me to continue learning and growing.

My Strenghts

From the Past to TheĀ Future

The answer of the problem of the future lies in the past. As a historian I always look into the past to understand the present. The patterns of the past allow a unique context to the future.

Let's Make It Work.

I'm a deep thinker. I love to spent time to think and figure out the big problem, but once it's decided. It's time to let's go and get everybody excited.

Endless Possibilities

The world is full of new ideas! As a creative free thinker I see endless possibilities. An idea isn't confined to a box. Instead it's merely a blank canvas in the museums of ideas

Communication and Community

Async, sync. Written, visual or verbal communication. Getting the message across channels is my strong suit. In doing so, I naturally bring people together.

Curiosity Has No Bounds

There is so much to discover. I love to dive into a new field and use the acquired knowledge to provide relevant and tangible help to others.
Do you need something researched? I'm your girl.

Making Work Human

What binds all my professional opportunities together is the genuine care for the people I work with. The future of work is human-centric. There is no greater joy than seeing everyone around me happy and healthy.

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