Awesome that you stumbled across my little corner of the World Wide Web! I am Vera Lakmaker, A Rotterdammert who currently lives in Antwerp. I traded the largest port of Europe for the second largest. I live here with my boyfriend, our three cats and chickens. Even though I like Antwerp a lot, Rotterdam still has a big place in my heart. That’s why a photo of the city is the header of this website. My brother made this photo and it has always been my favourite!  I currently work as Head of Remote at Gameye, I’m a recently graduated historian (finished my master in 2021 after 9 years!), a (board) game lover and I have so many hobbies and interests that I can’t count. 

 What is an Information Geek?

That is probably the first question that comes into your mind ;-). It is a term I use to describe me and my wide range of interests. I’m interested in so many things in so many different fields, the only thing that binds it together is information and knowledge. I crave to learn anything new. One day I might be interested in the history of Ancient Egypt, the next day I’m busy with quantum physics.

For me, an Information Geek is someone who is enthusiastic, passionate, eager to learn and above all: curious. The latter is probably the best way to describe me, I’m curious!

 What do I do: 

My CV consists of a wide range of jobs and activities. Back in 2013, I started working as a volunteer games journalist. I worked for different websites like ng-gamer.nl, eurogamer.nl and twodashstash.com. My activities ranged from game reviews to in-depth articles about history and games (I wrote a thesis about historical After-Action Reports in Europa Universalis IV). I had my own podcast called BetaWaveRadio in which we listened to video game music and talked to indie developers. During this time, I also branched out doing marketing, PR, community management and project management for several indie game-related projects. In 2015, my money was dried up and I started to work. I worked in customer service, made my way towards support engineering and Linux engineering. 

Back in 2020, I came to realise that more technical jobs are not my strong suit. I like computers and nerding out about them, but not enough to make a life-long career about it. I’m a social butterfly, I wanted to work with people. In September 2020, Gameye reached out. They were looking for someone who keeps the team together, happy and healthy. That is how I got thrown into the world of remote work.  

What is this blog about: 

This blog will be a space for me to share stories about remote work and gaming. I currently want to write down my learnings about remote work. I read a lot of articles, but I need to do something with them. I currently am working on a series on how to develop yourself as a Head of Remote. I know that there are a lot of great resources out there by great professionals who share a lot of tips, are willing to help and are way more experienced. Yet, I want to describe my own experiences, maybe I can help someone along the way 🙂

This blog might also shift towards more game journalism related articles. Who knows, it is an exciting time for gamers out there!

Thank you again for checking out my website. 


Vera Lakmaker

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