Introducing Remote Work Geek

A long, long time ago in the faraway past of the 2010s, before the coronavirus, the enormous growth of the housing market, and before I moved to Belgium, I had a company called Information Geek. I hoped to get a paid gig for all kinds of activities I did relating to indie games. The name sums of what I am as a person. My intended goal: to finally write about remote work, board games and other things that I might find interesting. 

Yet, when I thought about how I could start writing my own blog series about Remote Work, I came to wonder. Is the website Information Geek actually the right name for a series about the subject? “Well, If you love Remote Work so much and you describe yourself as a geek why aren’t you a Remote Work Geek?” I thought it was an ace name for a new project and it turned out that the .com domain name was still free. Thus, the new website was born!

What is the Remote Work Geek then?

It is a blog about remote work! Or rather, a blog with my ramblings about the subject 😉 The goal of this blog is to provide a place to share information, learnings and opinions about remote work with a personal touch. There are many great websites and blogs out there that offer amazing news, guides and resources about remote work. Resources like Gitlab’s “All Remote “Playbook, Buffer’s “Everything We Know About Remote Work” and WeWorkRemotely’s “Remote Work Resources” are great if you want to start implementing remote-first practices in your company. 

The primary focus is not to provide similar resources (even though they might overlap). I read a lot about remote work and in order to give those learnings a place in my head, I need to write about it. Remote Work Geek is that place :). My journey officially started during the pandemic, but my experience can be traced back to 2013 when I was involved with different indie game-related projects. The similarities between gaming-related practices and remote work concepts are quite similar. I feel like a grasshorn when it comes to remote work. I still have lots to learn, and I am by no means an expert in remote work or an expert blogger. This blog will be a culmination of those learnings

What would I like to do more?

Remote work is here to stay and I would love to do more than my personal ramblings. I’d love to hear stories about people who either just started out working remotely or people who have decades of experience. We can all learn from each other, that is the goal. 

Since I am a geek, I’d also love to test out the latest remote work-related tools out there and provide reviews and hands-on.

The blog is not set in stone, but I believe it will be an exciting journey!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my ramblings. I hope you’ll enjoy it and maybe you can learn something new as well 🙂

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